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I had been thinking about leaving LJ for the past few months and finally pulled the literary trigger a couple days ago. It's fifteen years of posts and I am not technically savvy enough to migrate my posts, especially because I have locked most of them down (a habit every so often of making entries private as I go) and other entries that I would prefer remain private. The old journal is now backed up at least, but I ... really just do not know what to do with it. The few glimpses I had of the old posts were enlightening, kind of sad, and amusingly annoying.

I have been debating the merits of having even a semi public journal; I post less than I use to but I still post. And I still use it to track certain tags because (I believe) it helps to be able to revisit themes. While I use facebook way more than I probably should, I am absolutely not comfortable dumping the details of my thoughts on FB.

And so here we are.


This year for New Years, Jeff and I planned a rather extravagent night out. Remlik's for dinner (which was delicious), all sort of dressed up and fancy, and then to the ball at the Roberson. It was a completely delightful night that ended too soon due to our feet being unimpressed. The DJ in the upstairs ballroom was great, the live band doing salsa was great and it was just a much needed wonderful night out.

I took monday off because I really just... need a break from my job. Which. Decisions are made and movement is happening. It's going to take a bit but it's the right decision.

And the fact is, I am dreading Jeff leaving.


This is a year of One. Beginnings, potential, movement. There is nothing static in 1. A lot of changes are coming down the pike, by the second quarter I should have some solid plans.

Maybe some more writing too.


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